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Something went terribly wrong a few seconds before Bruut! had even played their first note in front of a live audience. They were introduced in a way that made the musicians realise that their expectations were very different from that of the host and public. Even though all the band’s members are all highly skilled and trained musicians capable of recreating any atmosphere, they were being expected to produce only one.

A collective chill went down their spine as they heard ‘Okay ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for this…. jazz band!’ Yes, ‘jazz’ is not a word the knowledgeable like to use… And so when the band walked on stage they were confronted with hundreds of shiny faces hungry for loudness, sweat and never ending grooves. The party organisers had made a fatal mistake…

Under the influence of an overly high podium, overly large amplifiers and an overly sweaty audience, this evening produced a single mission. Within seconds the musical direction of the band was set. A misunderstanding – and Bruut! – was born.

Bruut! and the superjazz formula

So where does this bring us? To the surrealism of Quentin Tarantino films, second-hand records and old Westerns. To the vibe of lava lamps and Photoshopped boogaloo, to a 1960s that is as unfocused as the 1960s you see on YouTube…Bruut! swings hard. They balance the colourful with the unpolished, and the danceable with the listenable. In short: Bruut! is all about super jazz.

In 2011 Bruut! introduced their audience with superjazz during many performances and at their own club nights in People’s Place. Beside that, the band was making their debut on national radio and television stations, include performances at Radio 6 and the TV program Opium Night Live. By the release of their first single ‘Surf’ (#13 of most played tracks in 2011 on Radio 6 and included in the Funk/Jazz list of 22tracks.com) all the publicity resulted in a show during the Noorderslag Festival 2012.

BRUUT!’s self-titled debut album was released on the 10th of February 2012 at the Dox Records label. The album was very well received by media and entered the Top 200 Albumcharts at #194. The album has since been released in the Benelux, the UK, Japan and South-Korea.The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant gave the album four stars and wrote [dutch]: “Bruut! is a sassy jazz group that has lack to formalities and manners in the world of jazz. That is clear from every note on this debut album. In the compact numbers sounds juicy boogaloo and fleshy rhythm & blues. Bruut! squeezes the songs in funky, greasy jazz.”

Also nu.nl gave the album four stars and wrote [dutch]: ‘“Bruut! is not only a good jazz Quartet, but simply a fantastic band. A band earlier this year pitched high eyes at Noorderslag, so there is a big chance that you have the four gentlemen this summer at a podium somewhere.”

Besides the reviews, BRUUT! has performed live at several radio stations such as 3FM, Radio 6, the Concertzender and Arrow Jazz.

Last summer BRUUT! performed (next to several jazz legends) at the North Sea Jazz festival 2012, a TV special of this performance was broadcasted on December 23rd on national television in Holland (Nederland 2). In September 2012 they toured through Germany and flew to Japan to perform at the prestigious Tokyo Jazz Festival. In December 2012 they once again crossed the borders to play at the international music festival Glimps in Belgium. On this page you can see a more detailed history of BRUUT!’s performances.

Maarten Hogenhuis – sax
Folkert Oosterbeek – hammond
Thomas Rolff – double bass
Felix Schlarmann – drums

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