11 Dec The first ‘V’ reviews and our DWDD performance!

We hope everyone is enjoying ‘V’ so far, we are more than ready to start playing the new album on tour! Our release show at het Bimhuis, Amsterdam is officially sold out, but tickets for the rest of the tour are still available via our website!

Thank you to everyone who has listened to the album, whether you bought ‘V’ physically or streamed the record online! We love reading all your enthusiastic comments! Over the past weeks the press has spoken out about our album as well;

“If you’re looking for an album filled with adrenaline, this record is more than suitable for you. ​It’s very danceable jazz from the Netherlands. Jazz or soul jazz? It doesn’t matter!” – Key and Chords.

“A drummer that strikes a fixed pattern that can be looped over and danced on. That’s the goal of BRUUT!”.Jazzel’s Blog.

“They call their music Superjazz and that’s how it sounds. ‘V’ is, once again, full of catchy and extremely danceable songs. You cannot stop your feet at the neurotic opening song Lopez. ‘V’ also contains two very beautiful ballads, Bud and Les, with which BRUUT! proves to be of all trades”.Mania ★★★★.

“Just when you think how in the hell are the guys from BRUUT! going to keep it fresh after all these years, they turn in ‘V’. Their fifth album, and their grittiest”.Flophouse magazine.

“BRUUT! has created an atmospheric yet dynamic album with ‘V’. Although some songs show more character than others, the band manages to produce an accessible album. You do not have to be a huge jazz fan to enjoy ‘V’. A love for energetic and swinging music is good enough already”.Nieuwe Plaat ★★★★.

On December 5th we were guests at Dutch television program De Wereld Draait Door where we performed the Sound of Music classic Edelweiss. Before this live broadcast, we also played our new single Klets coming from the new album ‘V’.

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